Find Bible Images
by Chapter and Verse

On this page, you'll find an index to all the free bible images we have collected, sorted according to where they appear in the New Testament. In the coming months, we will expand our selections, and venture into the Old Testament as well. This is a work in progress, so if you don't find what you are looking for now, please visit back later.

The Gospel of Matthew

Chapter One
1:20 Joseph's Dreams
1:24 The wedding of Joseph and Mary

Chapter Two
2:1 The Magi travel to Israel
2:3-8 King Herod
2:11 The Magi visit Jesus
2:14 The Flight to Egypt

Chapter Three
3:1-15 John the Baptist
3:16 Christ's Baptism

Chapter Four
4:1 Christ Alone in the Desert
4:2-11 Christ and the Devil

The Gospel of Luke

Chapter One
1:8-25 Zechariah and Elizabeth
1:26 Mary Visited by the Angel - The Annunciation
1:40-45 The Visitation of Mary and Elizabeth

Chapter Two
2:4-7 Travelling to Bethlehem
2:8 The Annunication to the Shepherds
2:16 Shepherds visit the Manger - The Nativity
The Nativity, Neri di Bicci
The Nativity, Neri di Bicci
Herod the Great, by Jacques Tissot
Journey of the Magi, by Stefano di Giovanni