An Easier Way to

Read the Gospels

See them with images from the world's great artists

For most of history, when people read or heard Bible stories, they saw them, too. In churches, the stories were illustrated on stained glass windows. At home, people had bibles and prayer books that were illustrated. Chapels and churches had paintings of the most famous bible stories, created by the world's greatest artists. So why shouldn't we have illustrated bibles, too?

Now you can. This website is devoted to creating free online versions of the gospel stories, with illustrations drawn from the world's best artists spanning the last thousand years. This is a much easier way to read the bible, and more beautiful, too. We have chosen only images in the public domain, so you can copy these pictures without worry. We have provided full copyright information for each image.

This is a work in progress, so each gospel will get longer over time. For now, we have illustrated both Christmas stories, as well as much of the Gospel of Mark. There are also sections devoted to many additional images for every aspect of the Christmas stories, which can be accessed on the Christmas page.

The Annunciation by Leonardo da Vinci, Luke 1:26
Link to The Illustrated Christmas Story based on the Gospel of Matthew
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